Customized Transfer Security Labels consist of Information layer and Security layer.

- Information layer: That is printed by cold foil technology, which makes products more elegant. It can be printed logo, brand and company’s information…

- Security layer: The glue remains on the surface of the products or the packaging of products after opening the label. That can be your company’s logo, brand name or warning phrase as required by the customer.


- Stick on the product or product box to anti-counterfeit. Just open information layer, if there is any security layer, that is the original product.

- Stick on the lid of packaging to seal and to anti-counterfeit.

- Can combine with bar code, cold foiling, and changing color ... to increase the efficiency of anti-counterfeiting and controlling goods.


- Waterproof;

- Unbreakable by temperature changing, transporting, accidentally colliding...

- The glue remaining after use will be easy to clean and do not affect the products.


The label is stuck on the product The label is opened The label is stuck again  

1. The label is stuck on the product.

2. The label is opened.

3. The label is stuck again, not same as the original.